Interpretive Projects

The Peoplestown Project interprets community organizing and neighborhood development through the creation of digital stories, scholarly articles, story maps, a blog, and other projects.  Take a look at some of our work!

Emmaus House Arts Camp (digital story)

In Emmaus House Arts Camp, Tameesha Pate and Kierra Peterson reflect back on their summer at the Emmaus House Middle Grades Community Arts Camp.

No Adults! Kids Rule! (digital story)

Antonio Roberts wrote and directed this archetypal story about seemingly weak actors (in this case, summer campers) defeating an oppressive regime (in this case, summer camp instructors).

This is Trey’s Story (digital story)

Trey created this digital biography at the Emmaus House Middle Grades Arts Camp during the summer of 2010.

Photographing MyPLACE (digital story)

With the children enrolled in the Emmaus House Middle Grades Community Arts Camp, we studied visual composition and used digital photography to document and interpret our lives and the Peoplestown community.

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