Identify this photograph

Photo courtesy of Charlotta Bright Norby.

Identify this photograph!

Photo courtesy of Charlotta Bright Norby.

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  1. David Morath says:

    Taken in the front porch at Emmaus House. Gene Ferguson is looking quite natty. If he were wearong a string tie he might be taken for Col. Harland Sanders son.

  2. Charlotta Norby says:

    On Gene’s left is Qou Vadis “Co Co” Armour and Chuck, for some reason I’m blocking on his last name right now. On his right is “Po’ Rick”. I recognize, but do not remember the name of the fellow behind Gene and Rick.

  3. Charlotta Norby says:

    OK so Chuck’s last name is Eubanks. He lived just down the street from Emmaus House with his mother, Sarah, who was quite a force to be reckoned with! Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to have that impression on her boys, most of whom ended up in prison or dead at an early age. This picture was definitely taken on an Easter Sunday, as everybody is dressed in his or her Easter best. When I was there, it was still the tradition for folks to get new clothes and come to church on Easter Sunday, if on no other Sunday of the year, to show off those clothes!

  4. Sandee H says:

    Also living at home with Sarah Eubanks at that time were Chuck’s siblings: Betty, Felicia, Tadpole (can’t remember his real name) and Dwayne (aka Ninny), after he was released from Reidsville.

  5. John Armour says:

    The others from left to right are Myron Thrasher, Oliver Brown in the background, and Thelanous Dillard.

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