Identify This Photograph

Tell us about this photograph! Where was this picture taken? Who is in the photo?

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  1. ned stone says:

    The young woman is Sandy; there is also a picture of her at a New Years Eve Party displayed at Emmaus House. She was a regular attendee at Sunday chapel, wearing a large Star of David.

  2. Charlotta Norby says:

    It is true that Sandy who is Jewish did attend church for quite a while. However, when I was around, if she wore the Star of David it was not in a demonstrative or noticeable manner.

  3. Sandee H says:

    Hi Charlotta & Ned. I think the “Sandy” you are referring to is me, but that is not me in the photo. There was another Sandy around EH before I came, but I never met her so can’t tell you if she is the one in the photo. I was there when Charlotta first arrived on the scene from Denmark, so I don’t think you’d be thinking of the other Sandy.

    I did have a Mogen David (Star of David) that I wore for a few years. I saw it at Davidson’s Dept. store and thought it was very pretty. Gold charms were in style then, so I wore it more as a piece of jewelry that I liked, not to advertise that I am Jewish. And yes, as a member of the Emmaus House community, I did attend church there.

    But the mystery of the identity of the woman in the photos still stands.

  4. Jennifer Hocking Wiley says:

    The girl in the front of the photo is Jennifer Hocking (Wiley).
    The handsome males under the Emmaus House banner are from left to right : Paul Thim, George Wiley, Gardner Neely.
    Those are all the names I am sure of.
    Oh, I see the names are noted on the bottom of the photo.
    Perhaps George Wiley will remember if that is Joyce holding the banner.
    And is that Willie in the front?

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