Emmaus House News

Our collection begins in December 1974, but the newsletter was likely begun in 1969. Do you have early issues tucked away in an attic that you would like to donate to the project? Please drop us an email if you would like to donate your materials!

emmaus house news_Dec1974on

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  1. Charlotta Bright Norby says:

    I’ve been reading through these and am pretty sure that I wrote the newsletters starting with the one labeled January, 1980, and continuing to the end. Just in case it is of interest to anybody. When I say I wrote them, I mean that I was in charge of putting them together, that I wrote the wast majority of the material in all of the newsletters, and that I did all of the typing – I take full responsibility for the lay-out typos etc. It was done on a manual type writer, obviously there were no computers back then, much less at Emmaus House! But some of the material may have been written by others and I was definitely given direction if not instructions about what subjects to cover. Charlotta

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